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F1 Race Car vs. Crazy Mountain Road

Posted: 15 Oct 2011 05:34 PM PDT

Scroll down for today's pictures & links.

F1 Race Car vs. Crazy Mountain Road

Formula One race car tackles the world's highest motorable road in the Northern India's Kashmir mountains. You will see the sort of steep road this car has to navigate, all the way to 18,380 feet summit.


Today's pictures & links:

The Biggest Rail Gun Ever, built by the Nazi

This is German Dora rail gun, read more here:

This picture from 1965 Shonen Sunday magazine is a great addition to our articles on Biggest Guns and Nazi Weapons: The Biggest Guns in Human History and Wonder Weapons of World War Two.


"Messerschmitt" Micro Car Custom

Spotted at Ikaho Classic Car show in Japan:

(images via)

Also read our series Adorable Micro Cars, Parts 1-3.


Super-Cute "Queen" of the Forest

(image via)


Three Massive Lightning Strikes

Captured in Pretoria, South Africa, this thrilling image by Mitchell Krogg depicts three massive lightning strikes hit the earth within 15 seconds:

(photo by Mitchell Krogg, via)


Mixed fresh links for today:

Totally Unexpected Smiley Faces, info - [wow pic]
Mini capsule will save you from tsunami - [useful]
Great Compilation of Bizarre Gardens - [travel]
Full Harry Potter Handwritten by Scammers! - [hilarious, epic letters]
Evolution of Controllers - [wow chart]
Victorian LEGO Houses & Mechanical Horses - [pics]
The Weirdest & Geekiest College Degrees - [weird]
Neat Vintage-Style Click Watches - [gadgets]
Six-Sided Strange - [weird interactive site]
Duck! Incredible Wingsuit Jumping - [wow video]
Huge Ship vs. Scary Storm in the Atlantic - [wow video]
Close Finish! & Seagull Problem - [wow videos]
This is a great idea, they should make such hair - [cool video ad]
Top Halloween Costume Ideas - [compilation]


Relax. Take your TV with you.

Very groovy picture from 1976 Japanese magazine ad:


An Epic Move

Bullwinkle Oil Rig heading into the Corpus Christy Channel:

(images via, 1988 Time Magazine)

Don't miss our page about similar epic oil platform moves - The Biggest Man-made Object Ever Towed

From our readers' response on Facebook:
"...that's the equivalent of towing the Chicago Sears tower on it's side and out to sea"

Kevin Williams comments: "Yes, it is very real. They built it right next to the barge channel there in Ingleside, then they slipped it laterally onto the barge, then towed it out to sea. It was installed in 1989 out in the Green Canyon in the Gulf - in 1353ft of water. The installation was done by Herema, Dutch heavylift specialists. They were a great client of my firm back then!"

He also comments on the current state of this program: "It was a huge program, but that was 12 yrs ago. Today, some platforms are built in shipyards in the far east & shipped over. And now that drilling is in deeper waters, this style isn't used (it was the largest of it's kind). New platforms are floating & anchored to the ocean bottom by cables & tendons (not resting solid on a fixed platform like this one)."


Tajikistan's Gold

These are rarely seen images of the Tajikistan's gold treasury, worth untold millions:

(the bottom image is the generic "Gold Powder", see more here)


Aaah! Get your hands off me!!

(photo by Damian Dovarganes, image via)

This one miserable Virginia opossum has 50 razor-sharp teeth, so beware! It can also play "possum" on you, which might be even worse:

"If confronted, they fall over, start drooling, emit a musky odor that smells like decay, induce diarrhea and slow their breathing so it appears to have stopped".


Great images we like

Good morning!

(image via)


(original unknown)

Dragged off to a wedding:

(original unknown)

Seen on the roads in Russia:

And in Toronto, Canada:

(image via)


The Incredible Smith Wooden Mansion

The Smith Mansion - Wapiti Valley Wyoming:

(image credit: Robert Elzey)

"The Smith Mansion is located in Wapiti Valley, Wyoming. It sits approximately 15 miles from the East Gate of Yellowstone National Park. Construction started in 1973. The creator/builder, Francis Lee Smith, was an Architect/Engineer. He spent nearly three decades building his mansion, his life's work. Smith died while working on the mansion in April of 1992.

The mansion is built primarily by hand tools, handmade pulley systems, and a lot of hard work. It stands high, over 75 feet tall. The mansion is built in the direct center of the valley. All the timbers used in its construction were hand picked from Rattlesnake Mountain, in Cody. Five to seven logs were hauled out at a time, using a small half-ton pick up."


More Strange Insects!

From the photographer Dennis Totin, more of the weird insect shapes:

(images credit: Dennis Totin)

The lovely fur-ball above is the Southern Flannel Moth, which we described in detail in our recent article The Most Surreal Insects on Earth.


Some unexpectedly cool objects from 1970s Japan

This is ... wait for it... a tape measure? A Dymo label maker:

... and this space age styled object is a skin cream:

(images via)


New York Niagara Falls

One of the many surreal photo montages by the artist Tsunehisa Kimura, who passed away in 2008:

Here's a few more, also read an interview with him here:

(images credit: Tsunehisa Kimura, via)


One of the most beautiful autochromes from 1915

Unknown lady posing on the lake, and a woman in the greenhouse - from the George Eastman House collection:

(image via)


Is this Photoshop? For the sake of this poor cat, we hope so:

(original unknown)



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