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Wild DIY Waterpark

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Wild DIY Waterpark

Posted: 13 Aug 2011 08:06 PM PDT

Scroll down for today's pictures & links.

Wild DIY Waterpark

Meanwhile in Hungary... these guys are enjoying summer full tilt, or rather full escavator's bucket! Well, sure, if you have access to some construction machinery, why not use it for fun and benefit of your friends? -


Today's pictures & links:

Monster Lobster!

It came from Outer Space...

(image credit: Sameli Cujala)


The Romance of Space

NASA astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson in the Cupola module of the International Space Station observing Earth:

(image credit: NASA)


"Something's coming... I can feel it."

(original unknown)

This wise bird is prepared for anything.


Probably the most beautiful tanker truck ever made:

Circa 1939... An International Harvester Company Truck. Check out the 3D Chrome letters and detailing:


Mixed fresh links for today:

Astronaut Suicides... - [photos, scroll to right]
Yet Another World's Tallest Building in Arabia - [architecture]
Babushka's of Moscow Polytechnic Museum - [weird photos]
Cartography Favourite Map Monster: The Octopus! - [fascinating]
Surreal Wasteland Landscape Made from CDs - [art]
Retro Gadgets Made from Paper - [cool art]
Intense: RC Jet goes 600 km/hr - [wow video]
Repurposed Bank Vaults, Junk Squids - [design]
Classy, but Very Weird Video - [you've been warned]
Rotary Engine: How It Works - [fascinating video]
1980s Sitcom Parody Mixed with "Happy Tree Friends" - [fun video, gross]
There are tornadoes, and then there are... bugnadoes! - [wow video]
Fun Badges for Facebook - [cool site]
Places from Awesome Books You Can Visit - [travel
Preventing Toplessness Since 2004: Funny t-Shirts - [funny]


Trinity Church, New York: Lost in a Concrete Jungle

This is hardly a revelation, but if you happen to be in the vicinity of Wall Street, New York, you will notice how puny and insignificant this wonderful church looks today - Trinity Church, once the highest building on the Manhattan island!

Still, all the soaring heights of its neighbors can not completely take away the exquisite glory of the church architecture (once you get closer, of course) and its intricate, inspiring interior:

(images via 1, Patrizio Pacitti)

The Trinity Church graveyard holds another marvel - a beautiful root sculpture, by Steve Tobin. Certain background facts about this sculpture are quite moving:

(images credit: Vladimir Korostyshevskiy, Ingrid Truemper)

"During the September 11, 2001 attacks, as the 1st Tower collapsed, people took refuge from the massive debris cloud inside the church. Falling wreckage from the collapsing tower knocked over a giant sycamore tree that had stood for nearly a century in the churchyard of St. Paul's Chapel, which is part of Trinity Church's parish and is located several blocks north of Trinity Church. Sculptor Steve Tobin used its roots as the base for a bronze sculpture that stands next to the church today."

(lower right image credit: Andrew Prokos)


Stalin's personal car: ZIS-110, 1949 version

(image credit: Zurel)

The image above is a nice 3D render by Zurel. But here is the photograph of the actual car, in the Moscow museum:

Stalin loved this heavy, fully-armored monster. It was so massive, that it was never driven above 40 km/hr... although the specs claim the top speed of 140 km/hr. Here is an earlier model, with Stalin being clearly excited about it:

(original unknown)



It's the cutest...

(image credit: Paste Berlusconi)


Hayley Mills going on a road trip

(circa 1965)

...while Brigitte Bardot rides an aquabike:

(image via)


Industrial Style: The Wall of Fashion

Speaking of New York, the following is an impressive presentation of Moncler Grenoble collection at Chelsea Piers (namely, at The Golf Club at Pier 59), as part of the New York Fashion Week:

(image via C&M Media)

Speaking of wild fashion:

(right image: Iris van Herpen design, Paris, via)


Found this cornucopia of farm machinery gears and rust, in Invermere, British Columbia, Canada

(image credit: Avi Abrams, Dark Roasted Blend)


DIY logic: Infallible.

Duct tape (in this case, parcel tape) - always the winner!

You've seen the video of DIY Waterpark. These are other inventive uses of escavators, tractors etc:


"Who are these two?..."

(original unknown)


Another Cool Dashboard

A good addition to our recent Dashboards article - this is the damage control console from USS Abraham Lincoln:

(image via)


The Grass Tunnel: Thomas the Tank Engine's Dream!

(image via)

This tunnel actually exists, according to the Ukrainian photographer Oleg Gordienko


Re: Anarchy in the UK

Many of you have probably seen this outrageous video of riots in Manchester - Click here

This pic, however, sheds more light on how extremely angry and unmanageable the English can become:

Contain you anger:


DIY Scanner!

This is so simple, really:

(original unknown)


The Only Difference

Pretty risky picture to publish in Russian publication, back in 1939.

Also - now we know what controls religion: the Capital, of course:


Russian Depressed Elephant Toy

This is the actual miserable-looking toy produced in the 1970s in the Soviet Russia. This elephant seems to be endlessly pace around the prison yard, or something...

(original unknown)


We hope you enjoyed these pics and links -

("Mutual Understanding", via c_kick)

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